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Stained Concrete in Denver, CO

Don't Replace, Resurface it!

Acid staining involves a solution composed of water, acid, and inorganic salts which reacts with minerals in the concrete to produce endless color options and a look that has been compared to marble. Acid stain is a sustainablle, low maintenance flooring solution, as it will not peel, crack, chip off or fade. This system has been the favorite application on shopping centers, cafes, churches, banks and in recent years, has gained popularity in residential projects. Finished basements, kitchens and sunrooms all benefit from the functionality and aesthetic of acid stain.

Concrete Stains

Type of Stains: Metallic, Granite look, Marble look, Acid Stains, Dyes, New Look, Acrylic Waterbase stains

Are you tired of the high maintenance of carpet and hardwood floors? Is the high cost of tile and natural stone causing you to take a deep breath as you decide on new flooring? Do you have health concerns such as allergies, asthma, or sinus problems and are looking for a flooring option that doesn’t exacerbate them? If so, one of the latest home fashion trends in interior flooring is the use of acrylic or acid stained concrete. It offers homeowners a beautiful, permanent, durable, and affordable alternative with none of the drawbacks of traditional flooring.

Stained Concrete

What colors can you achieve with acid stain?

Bronze, Rusty Copper, Green Patina, Gold, Silver, etc.

Bronze, Rusty Copper, Green Patina, Gold, Silver, etc.

We provide an array of colors from earth tones to metallic colors such as bronze, copper, green patina, silver, gold, etc. Stain colors will vary depending on the natural color of the existing concrete giving a unique and distinctive look.

Stained Concrete Basement Floor

Get rid of outdated carpet!

One of the main disadvantages of carpet is its susceptibility to water damage. Leaky pipes, basement flooding, sewer backups and spilled drinks call all do permanent damage to carpet that will have to be replaced. By contrast, acid stained floors are not susceptible to water damage and are easy to keep clean. If you wanted to update the color scheme, it is also easier to do with stained floors than it is with carpet.

Stained Concrete
Acid Stained Concrete

Concrete Overlays