Concrete Overlays

Concrete Overlays in Denver, CO

Don't Replace, Resurface it!

Polymer Concrete Overlays are used to resurface existing interior or exterior concrete to create a new surface that can be functional, sustainable and decorative. There are numerous finish options available, including integral color, smooth trowel finish for seamless floors and patterns for a tile, stone or wood look.

Mastery Surfaces' specialty is transforming old, worn, concrete into a beautiful inviting new surface that is functional and durable. Using special polymer materials, we can create the look and feel of organic stone materials like Sandstone, Bluestone, Limestone or Slate, in seamless, dimensional or random flag patterns.

Increase curb appeal at a lower cost

The front entryway is one of the first impressions people are going to have of your home. Without much investment, you could fix the cracks, stains, colors or outdated styles that detract from that all important first impression. Mastery Surfaces specializes in coordinating front entry porches and driveways with the colors and architectural features of your home. Aside from beautifying your home, the added curb appeal will undoubtedly yield a positive ROI if you decide to sell your home.


Concrete cracks on front entry


Concrete Overlay by Mastery Surfaces on entryway

Concrete Overlay on Entryway

Don't replace it, resurface it and save money!

If you are looking to add the beauty of natural flagstone, Bluestone, cobblestone, etc. to your patio, pool deck, entryway or walkway, there is now a less expensive option that will provide you with the look and feel of real stone without the disadvantages. Our concrete overlay system installed by Mastery Surfaces provides a durable, low-maintenance alternative to real stone at much lower cost.

Overlay in Entryway

Concrete overlay on driveway

Driveways Rehabilitation

In terms of ROI, fixing the damage on your driveway is the easiest way to improve the value of your home. We can fix cracks, chips, stains and spalding from years of using salts to melt the ice on your driveway. Furthermore, we can apply coatings that can increase the durability of your concrete for years to come. Stain finishes can really make your home stand out among the bland finishes normally found on driveways. All of this can be done very quickly at low cost.

Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlay on patio

Turn Bland Patios into Beautiful Spaces!

Our concrete overlays and microtoppings radically change the look of your patio without having to replace the existing concrete. Our systems can replicate the look (texture, colors, patterns) of Bluestoone, Flagstone, Slate and even wood. We will work with you to coordinate the style of your patio with the existing landscape and materials used on your home to completely transform the atmosphere of your back patio. If you are unsatisfied with the size of your patio, we can add to your patio and either match or change the style ot match your needs.

Concrete resurfacing on patio

Concrete Overlays