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Concrete Contractor in Denver, CO

What to look for in a concrete contractor in Denver

Recently, the market for residential concrete in Denver has seen major growth as homeowners and designers realize the versatility concrete affords. As demand has grown, more companies have expanded their offerings to meet demand. However, not all of these contractors have the requisite experience to do quality work. The information below should make it easier to choose the best contractor for your project and guarantee that your choice will not cost you more in the long-run.

Guidelines for choosing a concrete contractor

Additional Considerations for Residential Concrete Contractors

What concrete project is right for me?

The variety of concrete coatings, finishes, patterns, textures, styles, etc. is staggering. Thus, it may be difficult for homeowners to know where to begin to figure out what kind of project would best suit their budget and needs. Our recommendation is to look at photos of various contractors so that you can react to different styles. Looking at a contractors previous work, you will be able to point out elements that you like from multiple jobs to tailor a look that works well for your home or business. The best contractors will have a portfolio they can show you - either online or in person. Make sure you choose someone with a lot of experience but who is also sensitive to the most recent design trends.

Modern Designs

While experience is absolutely important to ensure quality work, you want to select a contractor who is sensitive to the latest improvements in materials and design trends. At Mastery Surfaces, we work with our suppliers (Bobcat, Miracoat, etc.) to understand the best materials that can endure the unique Colorado climate. Additionally, we constantly experiment with modern styles and color schemes that provide a modern design to your floor while maintaining a cohesive style with the rest of your home

Concrete Overlays