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Real tile can be expensive, why pay more when you can get the same look of Stone tiles. From Contemporary to rustic, our concrete overlay flooring is one of the most popular varieties of flooring for its ease of maintenance and its cheaper price than real tile.

Overlays, as the term suggests, are polymer-modified cement products applied in thin layers over concrete or wood surfaces. The polymers promote adhesion of the cementitious toppings and at the same time these resins strengthen and render the cement more flexible.

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Seamless Concrete Overlay

Seamless thin-finish overlays are an ideal re-surfacing application for interior flooring, patio areas and driveways. Often referred to as microtopping or micro-finish. This versatile cementitious medium offers a wide variety of finishes and design possibilities. The material can be integrally colored, stained, troweled smooth or textured. Final finish options include satin, gloss, or dead-flat.

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Stone masonry Stamped patios

If you are looking to add the beauty of natural flagstone, newyorkstone, cobblestone, etc. to your patio, pool deck, entryway or walkway, there's now a less expensive option that will provide you with the look and feel of real stone without the disadvantages. Stonecast architectural paving is a patented finishing system developed by Mastery Surfaces that provides a durable, low-maintenance alternative to real stone at much lower cost.

Why to use StoneCast architectural system instead of flagstone?

Besides its costly installation, incorporating real stone into your patio has some drawbacks. For example, Flagstone tends to layer off and shift from its original placement, and flagstone mortar tends to crumble over time. In most cases, it also doesn't work well over existing concrete because of elevation considerations. StoneCast Architectural eliminates these problems. This cast-in-place paving system can be applied directly over existing concrete. It can be hand-troweled to create a unique look or imprinted to duplicate real stone texture. Moreover, installation is much faster than flagstone.

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