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Any look desired is possible, from a driveway rehabilitation to a highly marbleized acid stain floor in the family room, to a realistic slate or sandstone finish on the patio.

Just use your imagination!

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Thin-finish Microtoppings

A common misconception about concrete overlays is that they are not durable, or that they can delaminate. This is unfortunate since a properly installed concrete overlay product will last for many years. A quality overlay product installed on a well prepped and suitable substrate will not fail. Most failures are caused by errors made by the installer.

Some failures could be traced to using a product that is not specified for a freeze-thaw climate. Most overlay products are of good quality and tolerant of extreme seasonal changes with excellent adhesion and wear performance.

Stained concrete floors concrete Resurfacing

Thin-finishes or microtopping will bond tenaciously to a less aggressive profile than a stamped overlay which is thicker 1/4 to 3/8. The thicker the topping, the more agressive the profile should be.

Surface prep for concrete could be an acid etch, power washing, sandblasting, grinding or shotblasting

Last, proper sealer and sealer maintenance is vital to a long-lasting overlay project. Maintenance is minimal since nothing can be maintenance-free. Resealing every 2 - 3 years should be adequate for preserving the beauty and integrity of your overlay investment.

Stained concrete floors concrete Resurfacing